Good day all!

I’ve decided to do something a little different today. Here’s a poem I wrote a couple years ago:

Blackness circling, choking.


When children cry, dying


Stop to think, to hope

To pray. Stop the crying, dying, open your eyes

All required

Just open your eyes and care

You can change the world.

Now you tell me: what’s the meaning or purpose of the poem? (It’s about child trafficking, but that’s not the answer I’m looking for.)

The first person to comment with the right answer gets a prize. It might be something really nice, like a story written expressly for you or a box of homemade cookies. Or it might be a handful of virtual jellybeans.



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  1. propjets says:

    Sounds a tad like purgatory… those kids who died young barely kept from falling by the Virgin Mary or something. My catholic theology is rusty.

    But as far as meaning or purpose, it seems to be sort of along the lines of a certain ccm song that says, “love is a verb.”

    In other words, those who care do something. Those who don’t care sit on their couches and feel emotional.

    I feel like that’s a tad obvious, though…

  2. Eh, that’s not it. Think more along the lines of the structure of the poem. Hint: it’s something like a combination between a form poem and a concrete poem.

  3. Is it a mathematical structure?
    C=A+B (4)
    E=C+D (5)
    F=E+C (9)
    G=B+D (2)
    H=A+G (5)

    Just a wild guess. But even if you didn’t intend that, it’s cool. 🙂

  4. Wow, that’s close. It is a mathematical structure, or figure. Hint: think about what day it was that I posted it.

  5. hahahah nice. pi?? lol that’s awesome!!

  6. Yup!! Congratulations. Your prize will be delivered just as soon as it is brought into existence :).

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