I finished work today and walked outside.

“Huh,” I thought, “it’s pretty cool today. That’s nice.”

Then I looked at the temperature and saw it was 91 degrees. It only seemed cool because it was twenty degrees cooler than it had been this past weekend. Lest you think differently, let me remind you that 91 degrees is hot no matter what the temperature was before.

Sometimes I wonder if we think of culture in the same way. We compare what shocked us twenty or thirty years ago to the current generation of risque entertainment, and deem the former tame. But is it really? I mean, isn’t it exactly the same thing it was thirty years ago? If something was immoral yesterday, isn’t it still immoral today?

Food for thought from the Tale-Weaver.


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  1. It’s freezing here in Va. So count your blessings. 😛

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