Yesterday I found myself spinning in circles in the middle of my kitchen.

I pulled the oven door open and needed to remove a hot souffle before it burned. I glanced toward the hooks where the oven mitts are supposed to be, but weren’t (I suppose this shouldn’t have suprised me as we’d been cooking for at least four or five hours, and the longer my kitchen is used, the less likely it is that things will be in their proper places).

So I spun around in a vain attempt to locate said oven mitts. I found myself facing the oven again, still mitt-less. But by the time I’d made that first revolution, I’d forgotten what I was looking for in the first place (hey, I did say I’d been cooking for five hours).

So I spun again, hoping I’d see something that would jar my memory. And I did, I saw my souffle melting in the oven.
Oh yeah, I thought, oven mitts.

So I spun around again, and finally spotted them on the counter, precisely where I’d thrown them after removing an oversized pie from the oven.

This is kind of like my life is at the moment. Sometimes I spin so fast I forget why I’m spinning in the first place. School, work, NaNoWriMo, and now the holidays. I just realized finals are in two weeks.


I need to slow down, to take time to be grateful for the little things, the everyday, day-in, day-out blessings. That’s what Thanksgiving’s all about right? More than food, football, and falling leaves, it’s about getting with family and friends to be grateful together (and that alliteration wasn’t even on purpose, y’all, that’s how good I am :)).

So, gratitude for the things I too often take for granted:

1. A family that loves me and supports me no matter what

2. A circle of friends whose affection and laughter I can always count on

3. The freedom to worship God the way I feel I should

4. Access to education and learning

5. Ready availability of good books to read

6. Lots of tea to drink while reading said good books

7. Long afternoon walks

8. Knowing that the words I write can brighten someone’s day, even if just a little

9. Fresh fruit and chocolate

10. A warm and cozy house that’s dark and quiet at night as I sit and think and write and dream

Happy Thanksgiving, folks!


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