It’s the long year, folks, but you already knew that (didn’t you? didn’t you?).

In honor of that though, here are some things you might not know:

  • We have Julius Caesar to thank for this calendrical phenomenon.
  • Irish tradition states that this is the only day on which a woman can propose (like in the movie Leap Year), a decree supposedly set down by Saint Patrick himself.
  • A person born February 29 is called a leapling.
  • William A. Wellman, director of the first ever Best Picture winning movie, was a leapling.
  • Hattie McDaniel, the first black person to win an Academy Award, was presented with her Best Supporting Actress Oscar on February 29, 1940.
  • The chances of being a leapling are 1 in 1,461.
  • And most importantly, I have no idea why it’s called a Leap Year.

Enjoy the extra twenty-four hours of 2012!


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  1. propjets says:

    Do you realize it has been 28 days since you blogged?

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