Momaholic is an interesting book—interesting here meaning ‘difficult to describe’. It’s the memoir of Dena Higley, covering the point in her life when she realized she was a ‘helicopter parent’, a phrase which here means ‘the act of hovering over one’s children, anticipating and meeting their every need; may or may not include cleaning up after said children, “helping” with homework, and presiding over numerous social activities; this method of childrearing is often defined by grumpy, needy children and overworked, exhausted moms; declared a national epidemic by The Association for Tired Parents’ (a definition lifted from the back cover of the book, here serving the dual purpose of describing Higley and offering a taste of the book’s style).

It’s an enjoyable read, if reading about children, domestic disasters, and soap operas is your cup of tea.

I’m actually not kidding about the soap operas. Higley has been the head writer for two different soap operas, neither of which I’ve heard of, but that’s probably because I haven’t heard of any soap operas (what exactly is a soap opera, anyway?).

What disappointed me about the book was the ending. I know things aren’t always finished off neatly and tied with a bow in real life, but I feel the book could have used a little more. . .well, ending to its ending.

Still it had more good than bad, and I had fun over the couple hours I took to read it.


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