I’ll admit it: it’s not that I haven’t had time to write the past few days, it’s just that I couldn’t think of anything to write. Intellectual laziness, I know, I know. I have no excuses.

But anyway.

Yesterday, I went hiking on one of the most beautiful trails I’ve ever walked. I felt like I’d been transported to Middle-Earth.

This is the waterfall to which I hiked, just for a taste of the place’s ambiance. I can totally see the Fellowship trekking through here.

Or take this one. It’s like the Valley of Rivendell, especially considering it’s pretty much in the middle of Los Angeles.

But then I saw this tree:

My sister said, “Hey, Tale-Weaver, that’s Old Man Willow!” I had to agree with her. It looks exactly like the tree that tried to gobble the Hobbits. Of course, this is me, Tale-Weaver the Nerd, so I chalked the resemblance to my Tolkien bias.

Then, not a mile later, I saw this cabin:

Nice cabin and all, but then I saw the inscription on the door:

Yes. Bombadil’s Castle. It was brilliant. So it’s settled, dear readers. Yesterday, I went to Middle-Earth.

Namarie from the Tale-Weaver.

Oh, and by the way, about the pictures: I am not a photographer, and all these picture were taken with my cell phone, which is not a miracle of technological development by any stretch of the imagination. So apologies for their quality–or lack thereof.


6 responses »

  1. propjets says:

    Oh, wonderful. 🙂 I approve highly. Where was this?

  2. Sarah says:

    Middle Earth is in Los Angeles??? That is totally not the location I would have picked…shows what I know. I’m glad you found it, though!

  3. There is really no place to hike in Miami… 😦
    Thanks for sharing

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