Don’t you hate that moment when you open your word processor (or browser, as the case may be) and then suddenly can’t think of anything to say? Now before you opened it up, you had several things running through your mind. “Oh,” you thought, “I could write about what delights my fourth (or fifth? I can’t remember) rereading of Beowulf is revealing, or craft a review of the that great book I read the other day.”

But then you get yourself situated to write, and absolutely none of your options seems remotely interesting, or even matured past the primordial soup stage. Another one that happens to me all. the. time is that I come up with an awesome short story in the minutes between crawling into bed and falling asleep. So I wake up the next morning to write it down, and I can’t. It’s dry and flat and featureless. The worst part is that I know perfectly well it was much better in my head the night before, but now I’ve forgotten all the interesting bits and cannot for the life of me remember them.

Ever happen to you? Or maybe it’s just me, I don’t know.


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  1. Yes…. unfortunately some of my best ideas come between 2 and 4 am, usually when i’m sick and can’t sleep. 😛 but, I’ve usually not regretted the times I stayed up and wrote them down…. in the long run that is. 🙂

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