If you need an apologetics books, and you’re not quite sure what ‘apologetics’ means (by the way, it means knowing how to defend Christianity), this book was written for you. If you have a few such books under your belt but need a solid overview of the field, this book is for you. If you’re not interested in being able to defend Christianity but just want some information for your own search for truth, guess what? This book has also got something for you.

Essentially, Broocks offers an array of evidence for Christianity from multiple fields: history, philosophy, science, and others. The book is not very thick and it covers quite a range so the answers are not explored in great detail, but at least it introduces you to many examples of evidence (as an example, Broocks covers in a portion of a chapter an argument C.S. Lewis develops over nearly an entire book). This is not to imply that the book is a lightweight. On the contrary, it’s chock full of information. It’s just that Broocks opts to give the reader an introduction to apologetics across many fields, rather than an in-depth discussion of just one.

So who would I recommend this book to? Well, most everyone. It’s for anyone who follows Jesus as their Lord but maybe isn’t quite sure how to respond to challenges from friends and coworkers. It’s also for anyone who is curious about the evidence for Christianity. If you have a fair knowledge of apologetics already, this one might be a just a refresher course you, but if that’s the case then you still should pick up to give it to people you know in the first two categories.

Per full disclosure, I received a copy of this book free from the publisher for review purposes. And no, I’m not obligated to write a positive review. I just wrote one because this is a good book.


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