I don’t usually read/review children’s picture books, but this one looked so adorable I had to pick it up. Mark Ludy tells the story of Noah entirely through pictures. The art is clever and quirky, cute without being saccharine or patronizing. At the same time, the drawings are emotional and immersive, drawing the reader (viewer?) deeply into a story that is so familiar it could feel worn and threadbare but doesn’t. Instead, the story seems very fresh and new. Ludy stays faithful to the Biblical account (which means that yes, the people who are not on the ark drown). I think part of this book’s charm is due to its wordlessness. Without having narration to fall back on, it’s almost like you’re telling the story yourself even though the artwork does a marvelous job of explaining the events. The art itself really is remarkable. Ludy makes full use of the space on the page, crafting dynamic and almost cinematic pictures that are just entrancing. This would be a wonderful way to introduce kids to the story of Noah.

I received a free review copy of this book from the publisher, though I am not required to offer a positive review.


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